How to Flip Raw Land to Developers
For 5-7 Figures Paydays Per Deal...

With No Money Down, No Debt, and No Network


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  • Why flipping raw land to developers trumps wholesaling, flipping houses, rental properties, or any other real estate strategy… it’s easier, exponentially more profitable, and requires no money down.
  • How to find off-market raw land you can flip for 5-7 figures per deal... even if you’re new to real estate and don’t have any experience, connections, or capital.
  • Why the pandemic has made right now the best time ever to become a “Land Acquisition Specialist”... and how to get started today.
  • ​How I stumbled into this rare, untapped corner of the real estate market at 25 years old… making multiple 6-figures from my first deal, with no experience or credit.

Plus, step-by-step instructions you can follow to start
finding and flipping raw land for 5-7 figures per deal!

Cody Bjugan & David Hill of VestRight

Who we are, and why you should listen to us...

We are VestRight. Our mission is to transform lives through real estate.
Our team is led by Cody Bjugan and David Hill.

We have been a residential land developer since 2002. In that time, we have been a part of transforming raw land into over 25 thriving neighborhoods, bringing over 1,500 residential lots to the markets we serve.

Over those years we have consistently made 6 and 7 figures per deal. Through all those years, and all those land deals, we have become true experts in this field. We have truly mastered this lucrative sector of real estate and we’re excited to teach you how you can leverage our knowledge and turn it into paydays for yourself!

Appreciation From Our Students...

"I appreciate the professional training and consistent follow-up that you have exhibited. Knowledge is power and your course has unlocked some serious power in a hidden industry."

Craig - VestRight Student

"Genuine! Authentic! Awesome! I love this course for I have been truly empowered! A truly incredible experience! I learned so much and now I’m very confident that I can implement the strategies that I have been taught. Both Dave & Cody were just absolutely fantastic!"

Rodgerick - VestRight Student

"Top Notch Course! It’s exciting to be out of the gate on this information and knowing it’s what I make of it. The course has given me the knowledge that is needed to get into the land development game. I’m blasting into this space and loving it."

Rob - VestRight Student

"Cody’s program is put together well, and with quite a bit of detail in the course material. Add on the weekly calls (and recordings) and you have exactly what you need to get moving. Success, of course, depends on you actually executing on what you’re taught.

The program is regularly updated with new modules that come out of some of the questions on weekly calls as well, so the course material is continuously improving. 

Having been through a number of Real Estate related courses, this is the best one I’ve seen."

Jeremy - VestRight Student

"This is a phenomenal course. The depth of knowledge and expertise is clearly evident in the modules presented by David & Cody. The content is relevant and in-depth and covers a lot of material. I really do feel like I am overflowing with land development knowledge and I could hold my own in a conversation with experienced developers. Looking forward to keeping in touch with David & Cody and sharing my wins long-term."

Ryan - VestRight Student

"It’s been about 9 weeks since I started my course with LDR, and I am really glad that I did. I have just completed the course, and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of deals. My knowledge of the land development process is attracting deals that I would have never gotten to see before, and I am able to see value that others in my market aren’t able to see. This course is very thorough and intensive throughout the whole 8 weeks, but if you watch the videos and take the action steps, you will come out on the other side with a whole new point of view on the real estate industry."

Zack - VestRight Student

"Just finished the program and it was great! Lots of great info to help me with my business moving forward. I have a client who is a developer and looking for deals in the Austin area so off to a good start!"

Justin - VestRight Student

"Land Deals Revealed is an Excellent program! David really takes the time to explain concepts in a very logical order for people that are new to this field. I found his energy and commitment to the students to be absolutely top notch. David and Cody have really gone above and beyond expectations to provide an amazing experience for me. The weekly lessons and actions steps provide the tools and direction you need to be successful in this business. I’m currently working on a 340-acre parcel for development all because of this program! Thank you David and Cody!!!"

Joe - VestRight Student

"I was extremely timid in the industry due to the high risk level. I met Cody and he taught me the ins and outs of land deals and how to eliminate risk. This new knowledge I learned instantly took the fear out of it. VestRight taught me the simple math, structure and logic behind this once scary business."

Dale - VestRight Student

"I was a bit skeptical of the course prior to signing up. However the strategies and information that I have learned over the past eight weeks are priceless. There is no fluff or upsells in this program, only actionable, helpful knowledge. After this course I can say my confidence in putting a deal together has skyrocketed. I will be sure to apply the knowledge I have learned and take action going forward. Thanks David and Cody for putting this program together!"

Austin - VestRight Student

"I just want to say thanks for putting together such a high quality training and program. I’m just thankful that David and Cody put the time in to create this. So for whatever it’s worth - thank you."

Nick - VestRight Student

"I found VestRight’s course to be the perfect complement to our existing real estate investing business. During the 8 weeks we were able to take one old lead and a new lead that I would’ve passed on and do our due diligence to make an intelligent, market price offer. The seller will net 7 figures and we will make multiple 6 figures should the deal go through. 8 weeks ago I would’ve kept looking for another 50k deal and not given these leads another thought. Now I don’t have to choose. Very thankful to David and Cody for putting together a comprehensive course with immediate action steps to add and grow this part of our company."

Jon - VestRight Student

"VestRight has gone above our expectations! As we are completely new in the world of real estate and land deals, we know there would be no possible way to learn the information we learned in just 8 weeks.

David and Cody are not only true masters at what they do, but are so incredibly great at making every step of this process easily understandable even to newbies like us! I can’t imagine trying to do this on our own and feeling confident like we do after these short 8 weeks. They have not only thought of everything but the resources you have access to on VestRight are amazing. The weekly FAQs provide you a platform to get every single question answered throughout the course, the Help Desk will get you immediate and personal answers and the Action Steps turn you into a Land Acquisition Specialist immediately after the course so you can dive right into your new career.

To be honest, we were so hesitant on whether or not to sign up for this course and we can say entirely that we are so happy and grateful we did! There is no better way to get into a new industry than to basically be mentored by successful people who have been doing this for years. Their experience is invaluable to us. 
Lastly, this may be cheesy but you can also tell David and Cody are two really great people full of integrity and being able to trust the people you learn from is so important."

Vas & Maria - VestRight Students

Respect From Our Peers...

"I have been fortunate enough to work on the opposite side of a number of land deals with Cody Bjugan, David Hill and their team. They are extremely thorough, detail oriented and always hit their deadlines. The strength and backbone of their success is their relentless pursuit of doing real estate with integrity and giving their very best every day. With 20 years of experience in land use, land development and home building, you would be hard pressed to find a team more capable. Absolute professionals in an industry that struggles to be just that."

Brett Casey - Land Acquisitions Manager | DR Horton - Portland Division

"I have known Cody Bjugan for 20 plus years, and had the opportunity to work with him whether selling lots he developed or selling homes he built. Cody’s level of knowledge, professionalism , organization and integrity always gave me confidence in what I was marketing for him. Cody always does things the right way. You will learn a lot from Cody."

Larry Strutz - Broker - Harcourts Real Estate Network Group

"I have worked with Cody and David on various projects over the years. They have the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of building and development - from acquiring bare land to the finished product. Their experience in working with various jurisdictions and creating creative strategies to getting the job done is the reason they've had success in this industry."

Derek Peterson - Broker - Better Homes & Gardens Realty Partners

“Vesting appropriately is a crucial part of the equation with land acquisitions. Cody’s thought leadership in teaching has been invaluable tools for partners in the industry.”

Kerry Steinmetz, MREDVP
Development Services Group
Fidelity National Title

“I have seen many clients benefit from Cody’s depth of knowledge in the development process. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the intensive review from land acquisition to selling the finished product.”

Melissa McSperitt
Escrow Officer
Fidelity National Title

"As a transportation engineer, I’ve been working in real estate development in Oregon and Washington for over 20 years. It is always a pleasure to work with Cody Bjugan. His projects run smoothly because he knows the development process and what to expect. He has great relationships with competent professionals, and most importantly, he does what is right, builds respect, and has the fortitude to guide complex projects to a successful conclusion."

Todd Mobley - PE, Principal | Lancaster Engineering

"Allied Development (mother company to VestRight) takes an organized approach. It is a privilege to work with knowledgeable and focused clients like Allied who have a knack for assembling a top-notch design team."

Jim Imbrie - GeoPacific Engineering

"We recently closed a transaction with Cody Bjugan/Allied Development (mother company of VestRight). He was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond to help us obtain approvals from local government entities, build support with neighbors and navigate the complexities of a challenging deal. He was honest and fair in our transaction. I would highly recommend working with Cody and hope to do so again."

Lee Novak - Fore Property Company

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