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From: Cody Bjugan
Founder: Vestright &
Allied Development

Right now is the BEST time to become a Land Acquisition Specialist...

With an estimated 2.5 million NEW homes needing to be built ASAP, all throughout the country, CNBC has called today’s market the “perfect storm for the nation’s home builders.” 

And developers are rising to this demand with glee thanks to historically low-interest rates that maximize their profits. All of which means they need Land Acquisition Specialists more than ever...

I firmly believe, if you get started immediately, you do this the right way, and you work hard, you could make 7 figures, even if you’re new to real estate. 

Just imagine how doing just ONE of these deals per year would change your life… 

How would your life change?

Now imagine the wealth you could accumulate doing two, three, even four of these land deals every year… we’re talking life-changing, generational wealth that’ll support your loved ones for decades. 

It comes down to this... 

The wealth-building potential you have as a Land Acquisition Specialist is virtually unparalleled. Unless you're a Silicon Valley startup, it’s unlikely you’ll find a faster way to build a true fortune than getting into raw land deals and flipping them for 5, 6, even 7-figures in profits. 

It’s NOT easy. 

It’s NOT for everyone. 

It DOES involve a lot of work.

And you MUST know what you’re doing.

But, if you want to achieve financial freedom, there’s no better way in my opinion. 

And right now, the market is wide open. 

We want to give you EVERYTHING you need to get involved in land deals, in a step-by-step system anyone can follow. 

That’s why we’ve put together a brand-new, never-before-released digital self-study system. This online program teaches you everything you need to become a Land Acquisition Specialist… 

Inside this program, you’ll learn everything you need to flip raw land into 5, 6, even 7-figure paydays… without taking out any A&D loans, without investing tens of thousands of dollars, without ever buying the property, and without developing a square foot of the land. 

All while working from your home, part-time or full-time, with just a computer and cell phone. 

In the past, the only way to get access to this information was through our private mentorship program, and our students are raving about the process. 

Like Joe who says:

“David and Cody have really gone above and beyond expectations to provide an amazing experience for me. The weekly lessons and actions steps provide the tools and direction you need to be successful in this business. I’m currently working on a 340-acre parcel for development all because of this program! Thank you David and Cody!!!"

And John who reported on a current land deal saying: 

“The seller will net 7 figures and we will make multiple 6 figures should the deal go through. Very thankful to David and Cody for putting together a comprehensive course with immediate action steps to add and grow this part of our company."

Or Dale who says: 

"Cody taught me the ins and outs of land deals and how to eliminate risk. This new knowledge I learned instantly took the fear out of it. It taught me the simple math, structure and logic behind this once scary business."

Or Craig who wrote to say:

"I appreciate the professional training and consistent follow-up that you have exhibited. Knowledge is power and your course has unlocked some serious power in a hidden industry."

These students are all working on land deals and when they close in the coming months, they could be looking at paydays of 6, even 7-figures, on their first ever deals. And, with the proven, repeatable process they learned they’ll be able to do deal after deal after deal. 

However, we’ve found there are two challenges with our full meal deal private mentorship package... First, David and I have very limited time. 

Secondly, the investment in our private mentorship is cost prohibitive for many people. And while one deal will cover this investment several times over, it’s too steep for some.

And that’s why we created...

The Land Acquisition Academy

We invite you to be one of the first to join our new, digital self-study program, The Land Acquisition Academy.  

As a member, you’ll be guided through our entire process for putting together highly-profitable land deals, with very little risk and very little investment. Everything is laid out step-by-step with over 50 detailed training videos and clear, easy-to-follow action steps.  

In short, you’re getting our near-20 year experience in land acquisition and development distilled down into 6 in-depth modules teaching you everything you need to become a Land Acquisition Specialist. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to real estate … it doesn’t matter what age you are or where you’re from… and it doesn’t matter if you’re working full-time or already running a business. 

As long as you can devote yourself to the program and follow the roadmap we lay out for you, then you can make anywhere from 5 to 7 figures per deal flipping raw land to developers. 

It won’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen if you execute on what we teach you. 

Here’s a taste of what you will learn when you join the program… 

Module #1: Identify Your Target Market

In our first module, you will hit the ground running…

You’ll learn how to find raw land that you can target for acquisition. You’ll get our exact criteria for uncovering and identifying land with development potential. 

We’ll show you how to select the state, city, and county you want to work in, as well as what areas you should avoid like the plague. And, we’ll show you how to narrow in on a specific location with total confidence. 

Remember, you’ll be doing all this WITHOUT “driving for dollars” and without needing to focus on a local area. As a Land Acquisition Specialist the whole country is your sandpit, no matter where you’re based. 

Module #2: Map Out Your Game Plan

Once you’ve selected your area, we’ll show you how to get to know the key players in your market. You’ll discover how to find and connect with planners, developers, landowners, city representatives, and everyone else involved in the Land Acquisition process. 

You’ll also get a deep-dive into how development timelines work, the various stages you need to be prepared for, and how to understand your chosen jurisdictions' development and building processes. 

Everything you’ll do in module #2 is formulating your plan of attack so you can go after these deals with the utmost professionalism. 

Module #3: How to Find Land Deals

Now the groundwork is done, module #3 is where the fun really begins...

You’re going to start identifying specific parcels that you can flip to developers for huge profits. You’ll get our processes for identifying ideal markets and uncovering deals  

And learn tricks of the trade like what to look for on Google maps satellite view to quickly identify a hot spot where you should laser focus your acquisition efforts.

Just knowing how to use these online tools is a game-changer. None of this was around when I started out and so I actually had to hunt this stuff down, but now using technology you can do every step over the internet from anywhere in the world.

And we show you how in Module 3...

Module #4: Crafting & Presenting Offers

Now that you’ve identified potential properties, in these final three modules, we’ll bring everything you’ve learned together into a series of steps that’ll move you closer to your first deal.

You’ll continue to network, negotiate with property owners, establish relationships with developers, structure potential deals...

And much, much more.

In module 4, we’ll show you how to talk to land owners and calculate the precise value of a property, so you know how much you can offer, and what your take will be when you exit. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing how a piece of raw undeveloped land can become a multi-million dollar asset when you put together the correct plan and players. 

And in Module 4 we show you how to have those critical conversations with property owners, and how to put a fine point on what you should pay…

Including a potential hidden credit you don’t want to miss.

Module #5: Closing the Deal & Getting Paid

In Module 5 we get into the mechanics of how to close these deals… the nuances of how they must be structured, the timing of everything, and what you need to understand to put together these 5 to 7 figure land deals.

This is the meat and potatoes module where you’re going to learn how to speed right past the obstacles that stop most would-be developers dead in their tracks.

We even cover some unusual tactics you may not need to break out on every deal, but they’re good to have in your back pocket when called for.

Module #6: Beyond Wholesaling

And then finally we take you beyond the wholesale or “flip” experience and show you what happens in the actual construction process, as well as how to deal with special situations you are likely to encounter in your search for raw land deals.

We’ll also show you some tools of the trade you must master to become a Land Acquisition Specialist, because you have to understand the entire development process if you want to be able to consistently put together these bigger deals.

That means knowing about different financing options, costs, and timelines, basically what you need to know, so you can package everything exactly the way they like it.

This makes a world of difference in your results. 

I can’t tell you how many times someone comes to me with what they think is a great land deal and I have to turn them away because they just don’t understand how this business works.

The Land Acquisition Academy

This is a system which has been in development for almost 20-years. On every deal we’ve done we’ve continued to learn and adapt and improve… and what you’re getting is the absolute best of everything we’ve learned, all condensed into a proven system you can study at your own pace. 

After going through this process and following the action steps, you’ll be on the path to putting together your very own 5, 6, even 7-figure paydays, often with very little risk or capital. 

It won’t happen right away. It won’t be easy. It involves a lot of work. It may take several small deals before you put together a larger one. But, if you follow this proven process, there’s no reason you can’t make 7-figures. 

Now like I said, the only way to access this information previously was through our mentoring program, but we’ve managed to streamline our process into a step-by-step digital self-study program you can access for a very reasonable investment...

Furthermore, we’re giving you five special bonuses. 

These bonuses are what we use to run our business day-to-day. They’re not available anywhere else at any other price. We’ve never shared them publicly before. They’re exclusively for the members of The Land Acquisition Academy. 

Bonus #1: The Off-Market Acquisitions Playbook

Finding raw land is the #1 skill of a successful Land Acquisition Specialist. Yet, most people don’t know how to ensure they have a constant stream of deal flow available to them. Or, worse yet, they’re relying on the same old strategies and sources as everyone else. 

Well, we’ve developed a fool-proof system for finding a bottomless well of deals. Particularly deals which are “off-market”, meaning others don’t even know they exist. 

And in this playbook, you’ll discover everything we do to find off-market properties and strike up relationships with their owners… giving you access to countless potential deals that can make you a small fortune. 

The strategies revealed in this playbook are directly responsible for millions of dollars in paydays and you’re getting it for free when you join Land Acquisition Academy. 

Bonus #2: The Land Deal Calculator

After finding a parcel of land, it’s crucial you know how to calculate its worth. 

If you don’t know how much a developer would be willing to pay, you risk leaving a lot of money on the table.... 

... which is what happened to me on our first deal. Although we made high six figures, the development company knew that we didn’t know our numbers well-enough. 

So, they re-traded us and because we were so distracted by the idea of receiving a million dollar payday from a single deal, we didn’t know they were short-changing us by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

That’s why we want you to have this Land Deal Calculator. 

It’ll help you know down-to-the-dollar what a piece of developable land is worth to a developer, and how much profit you’ll be looking at as The Land Acquisition Specialist.  

Bonus #3: Access to Our Deal Maker Vault

Over the last two decades, David and I have continued to refine our process, checklists, term sheets, and more. We’ve hired top-tier attorneys, accountants,, engineers and so on... to help us craft water-tight processes and various “tools of the trade”. 

These are the assets we use to run our business day-to-day, maximizing efficiency and profitability, and we want to give you these so you can use them for your land deals. Inside what we call the Deal Maker Vault, you’ll get: 

      -  Our Pro Forma, so you can put together detailed financial projections
      -  A Project Feasibility Checklist, so you know what to look for
      -  And a Project Schedule Template, so you can keep things on schedule throughout your deal

These documents are essential for operating your land acquisition business. Without them, managing your deals will be mired in complexity and you’ll run the risk of making some fundamental mistakes. 

That’s why, when you join the Land Acquisition Academy you’ll get access to our Vault. 

And one more “super bonus”...

MEGA Bonus #4: The Deal Structure Guide 

During this training, we’ve shown you how there are multiple ways to put your deals together.

You discovered the 5 exit points and paydays... and you learned how to create 5 to 7 figure paydays with minimal risk.

However, we’ve not shown you the most important part yet... how to structure these deals.

Inside The Deal Structure Guide, you’ll discover how to put together your land deals, lock them in a watertight contract, and protect yourself.

Because developers don’t use your standard “Purchase & Sale Agreement”... and most realtors have no idea how to put these agreements together so they are packaged for a developer.

And if you don’t have the proper deal structure in place, no developer is going to want to buy your deal because they’d just have to re-do everything anyway.

This bonus Deal Structure module shows you exactly how each deal must be structured. 

And take it from a developer, this is one of THE biggest values you bring to the deal as a Land Acquisition Specialist…

Get it right and you are looking at 5 to 7 figure paydays, but…

Get it wrong and your deal is dead.

In this bonus module, you’ll learn how to get it right.

This guide alone is easily worth $1,500.

However, it’s yours for free when you join The Land Acquisition Academy today.

The Only System Revealing How to Make $100,000+
Per Deal As A Land Acquisition Specialist

The Land Acquisition Academy is unlike any other program on the market.

There is NOBODY teaching you how to put together deals the way we do… there is nowhere else you can learn how to make 5 to 7-figures per deal, with little-to-no money down and very little risk… and there is no other step-by-step program for becoming a Land Acquisition Specialist. 

And for a very limited time only, you can get LIFETIME access. 

As a member to this new digital program, you also get: 

      -  The Land Acquisition Academy - ($15,000 Value)
      -  Bonus #1: The Off-Market Acquisitions Playbook - ($1,000 Value)
      -  Bonus #2: The Land Deal Calculator - ($500 Value)
      -  Bonus #3: The Deal Maker Vault - ($1,500 Value)
      -  Mega Bonus #4: The Deal Structure Guide - ($1,500) 

In total, you’re getting $19,500 worth of industry secrets. These are proven strategies we’ve spent almost two decades refining. They are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in deals, and it’s all available to you inside The Land Acquisition Academy. 

However, you won’t need to invest anywhere close to $19,500. 

You see, by transforming the process into a digital self study program we’ve been able to open it up to anyone who wants to become a Land Acquisition Specialist. 

And, we decided a fair investment would be $4,995 for lifetime access. 

That’s right, less than $5,000 for everything you need to thrive with the #1 real estate strategy for 2021. A proven, repeatable system we’ve used to consistently make, 6-figures per deal on projects we don’t develop ourselves… even if you’re just starting out with no experience. 

Appreciation From Our Students...

Case Study Interview with Blake Arnold

Case Study Interview with Craig & Mari

"I appreciate the professional training and consistent follow-up that you have exhibited. Knowledge is power and your course has unlocked some serious power in a hidden industry."

Craig - VestRight Student

"Genuine! Authentic! Awesome! I love this course for I have been truly empowered! I learned so much and now I’m very confident that I can implement the strategies that I have been taught. Both Dave & Cody were just absolutely fantastic!"

Rodgerick - VestRight Student

"Top Notch Course! It’s exciting to be out of the gate on this information and knowing it’s what I make of it. The course has given me the knowledge that is needed to get into the land development game. I’m blasting into this space and loving it."

Rob - VestRight Student

"Cody’s program is put together well, and with quite a bit of detail in the course material. You have exactly what you need to get moving. Success, of course, depends on you actually executing on what you’re taught.

The program is regularly updated with new modules that come out of some of the questions on weekly calls as well, so the course material is continuously improving. 

Having been through a number of Real Estate related courses, this is the best one I’ve seen."

Jeremy - VestRight Student

"This is a phenomenal course. The depth of knowledge and expertise is clearly evident in the modules presented by David & Cody. The content is relevant and in-depth and covers a lot of material. I really do feel like I am overflowing with land development knowledge and I could hold my own in a conversation with experienced developers. Looking forward to keeping in touch with David & Cody and sharing my wins long-term."

Ryan - VestRight Student

"It’s been about 9 weeks since I started my course with LDR, and I am really glad that I did. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of deals. My knowledge of the land development process is attracting deals that I would have never gotten to see before, and I am able to see value that others in my market aren’t able to see. This course is very thorough and intensive throughout the whole 8 weeks, but if you watch the videos and take the action steps, you will come out on the other side with a whole new point of view on the real estate industry."

Zack - VestRight Student

"Just finished the program and it was great! Lots of great info to help me with my business moving forward. I have a client who is a developer and looking for deals in the Austin area so off to a good start!"

Justin - VestRight Student

"Land Deals Revealed is an Excellent program! David really takes the time to explain concepts in a very logical order for people that are new to this field. I found his energy and commitment to the students to be absolutely top notch. David and Cody have really gone above and beyond expectations to provide an amazing experience for me. The weekly lessons and actions steps provide the tools and direction you need to be successful in this business. I’m currently working on a 340-acre parcel for development all because of this program! Thank you David and Cody!!!"

Joe - VestRight Student

"I was extremely timid in the industry due to the high risk level. I met Cody and he taught me the ins and outs of land deals and how to eliminate risk. This new knowledge I learned instantly took the fear out of it. VestRight taught me the simple math, structure and logic behind this once scary business."

Dale - VestRight Student

"I was a bit skeptical of the course prior to signing up. However the strategies and information that I have learned over the past eight weeks are priceless. There is no fluff or upsells in this program, only actionable, helpful knowledge. After this course I can say my confidence in putting a deal together has skyrocketed. I will be sure to apply the knowledge I have learned and take action going forward. Thanks David and Cody for putting this program together!"

Austin - VestRight Student

"I just want to say thanks for putting together such a high quality training and program. I’m just thankful that David and Cody put the time in to create this. So for whatever it’s worth - thank you."

Nick - VestRight Student

"I found VestRight’s course to be the perfect complement to our existing real estate investing business. During the 8 weeks we were able to take one old lead and a new lead that I would’ve passed on and do our due diligence to make an intelligent, market price offer. The seller will net 7 figures and we will make multiple 6 figures should the deal go through. 8 weeks ago I would’ve kept looking for another 50k deal and not given these leads another thought. Now I don’t have to choose. Very thankful to David and Cody for putting together a comprehensive course with immediate action steps to add and grow this part of our company."

Jon - VestRight Student

"VestRight has gone above our expectations! As we are completely new in the world of real estate and land deals, we know there would be no possible way to learn the information we learned in just 8 weeks.

David and Cody are not only true masters at what they do, but are so incredibly great at making every step of this process easily understandable even to newbies like us! I can’t imagine trying to do this on our own and feeling confident like we do after these short 8 weeks. They have not only thought of everything but the resources you have access to on VestRight are amazing. The weekly FAQs provide you a platform to get every single question answered throughout the course, the Help Desk will get you immediate and personal answers and the Action Steps turn you into a Land Acquisition Specialist immediately after the course so you can dive right into your new career.

To be honest, we were so hesitant on whether or not to sign up for this course and we can say entirely that we are so happy and grateful we did! There is no better way to get into a new industry than to basically be mentored by successful people who have been doing this for years. Their experience is invaluable to us. 
Lastly, this may be cheesy but you can also tell David and Cody are two really great people full of integrity and being able to trust the people you learn from is so important."

Vas & Maria - VestRight Students

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I can’t wait to see you inside! 

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