Here's How We Can Pay 6 Figures of Profit Share To People That Simply FIND Raw Land ​With Development Potential...
Without  Negotiating, Getting It Under Contract, Running Entitlements Or Even Selling It

Don't Take Our Word For It... Watch Daniel Share His Experience

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Wait... What Did I Just Watch Again?

Daniel in the video above got training from VestRight to learn how to find off-market, raw land that has development potential and simply see if the owner of the land was willing to sell at a fair market price. 

If willing to hear a purchase offer, Daniel gathered information on the property, brought it to our company and WE did everything else (negotiation, contract, entitlements, and closing).

As a reward for his efforts, Daniel will earn a life-changing finders fee profit share. 

And just from his 5 found properties, Daniel stands to earn over $2 million when they close.

Sound too good to be true?  Read on to understand exactly how this works and see if it would work for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring You Deals Without Investing In This Training?
We have experienced deal partners who bring us deals regularly. But they know exactly what we are looking for and understand the nuances of land development that most people don't.  Allied Development is needs people who know how to find and gather the correct data, discern what is developable or not and build rapport with the seller to set up a valuation and negotiation, which is where Allied Development takes over. 

We are only offering the generous 10% profit share to partners who have been through our program.  And we only want leads from people who know how to submit full and accurate information using our methods.

If you are a licensed real estate broker or agent...

Please understand that 90% of our deals are done "off market" and unless it's a pocket listing or a perfect property it's unlikely we'll be interested in the property.  If we are interested, then without this partnership training program you'll receive your share of the real estate commission only which could b 10x less than the profit share we are offering to members of Land Prospecting Unleashed. 
How Do I Submit A Lead On A Land Deal When I Find It?
When submitting the Property Profile form to Allied Development (“AD”), you will make sure of the following:

• Our Property Profile form is completed by you to the best of your ability (we train you to do this correctly)

• You have been in communication with the property owner and they are open-minded and willing to sell if they receive a fair offer.

• Property meets Allied's development criteria

If AD executes an agreement with the property owner, AD agrees to pay you 10% of AD’s profit on the transaction. 

This assumes it is not a rare case of a property AD was already in contact with the owner, which case AD will
communicate such conflict upon submittal of the Property Profile form.

Please note that we are looking for Off-Market properties. It is very unlikely that AD will be interested in a property that is for sale on the open market.
Why Doesn't Vestright Save Money And Just Hire Employees To Do This?
We HAVE employees that do this for us. But since we acquire land nationwide it would be prohibitive to hire dozens or hundreds of employees. We want to scale our business.

But mostly, we don't want employee-mentality types hunting for these deals. We want entrepreneurs and salespeople who will hustle and grind and know that they'll be rewarded for their efforts without any limits.

Still want to be an employee instead?  That would mean a small base pay with bonus, while you work in a cubicle in our Dallas office 40 hours a week. 

Want to set your own schedule?  Have an unlimited income and time freedom based on the deals you bring? Then Land Prospecting Unleashed is for you.
Will I Get To See What Happens With Deals I Bring You?
You are our partner and will be treated as such. We know you want to learn more about the land development industry and you'll get to see exactly what happens to a deal that you bring us while we take it through approvals, entitlements and exit.  You will learn while you earn.
Why Can't You Train Me For Free And We'll Do Deals Together
We're investing significant time and energy to train deal finding partners who have a specialized knowledge in our methods of finding off-market deals.  This skillset is in high demand and the way we do it is unique.  We are investing in you, we are looking for people who have invested in themselves and are committed to this opportunity. 
Can I Get A Refund If I Go Through The Training And Decide Not To Do It?
We do not offer refunds of the training program.  When we teach you this, you can't "unlearn" it.  The material in this training has helped hundreds of land acquisition specialists reinvent themselves and create life changing income.  It works.  If you're looking to test it out and ask for a refund if you don't like it, this isn't for you.
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