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How to flip raw land to developers for 5-to-7-figures PER deal… without cash or debt
  • How you can offer full market price and still create 5-to-7-figure paydays... without cash or credit risk… without waiting forever to get paid... without owning or developing any land… AND without depending on “desperate sellers” (in 5-10 hours a week)
  • How I stumbled through my first land deal… that made high 6-figures... at 25... with no credit and almost no cash in the deal… when I had no clue! (Plus the embarrassing story of what happened to the check)
  • 2 simple math formulas to quickly calculate a piece of raw land’s profit potential… the 3 things you need to build your fee into a deal... PLUS: How to control how much you make and when you get paid

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Who Makes the Most in Real Estate?


Who takes on the most risk? Developers.

Who makes developer-sized returns, without taking on developer-sized risk? 

Land wholesalers.

By understanding exactly how the raw land development process works, Land Acquisition Specialists structure deals with the precise pricing and terms developers require.

They pay full market value to land owners. They know their exit options.

And developers LOVE to cut these “wholesalers” in for 5, 6, or 7-figure fees...

Because when they do, they make millions!

(How happy would YOU be if someone handed you a multi-million-dollar deal?)

What does it take to become a land wholesaler?

Great credit? Nope. 

Cash saving? Helpful, but not needed. 

A ton of time? Again, no. 5 to 10 hours a week can get you in the game.

Knowledge? Yes!

Knowledge is THE Key that unlocks 5 to 7-figure paydays “flipping” raw land to developers… And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join the Land Wholesaler’s Academy for free today.

18 years ago I did my first wholesale deal that made high 6-figures, I’ve never looked back.

Today, I’m teaching YOU what I wish I had known when I got started. 

All you have to do is enter your email address and I’ll let you know the second each video lesson is live.

Here’s a tiny taste of what you’ll witness in each lesson of Land Wholesaler’s Academy as you join us for the free world-wide premiere.

What Will You Learn?

VIDEO #1: How do Land “Wholesalers” Get Paid?
  • How--exactly--do raw land developers make money? Answer this to unlock the door to massive “wholesaler” paydays
  • ​What’s the difference between a “land wholesaler” and a “home wholesaler”? (HINT: It’s not JUST bigger checks)
  • ​What are your exit strategies? 3 deal structures that build in 5, and 6-figure returns
  • ​What is “lot yield” and why is it so important if your goal is to create 6 and 7-figure earnings from a single raw land deal (pay attention--this is critical!)

VIDEO #2: How Much is a Deal Worth? (Magic Math)
  • The exact formula for calculating the yield of a piece of property--this is critical to understand how much profit is possible BEFORE you waste time on a dud
  • The single most important 5-digit number in raw land acquisition--and 2 ways to use it to figure out how much you could make flipping a deal (memorize this immediately)
  • ​3 mistakes that could subtract 6-figures from your deal payday (they’re easy to avoid when you understand the “Magic Math” formula you’ll learn in this lesson)
VIDEO #3: 5 Exit Strategies: Controlling When and How You Get Paid
  • What is the raw land development timeline? How long can you expect to wait before you see a return… and how MUCH can you expect? All answered inside this video
  • How to get the fastest payday possible… AND what you can do to entice developers to give you the biggest checks… without putting ANY extra money in the deal
  • ​How even a few thousands dollars can turn a 5-figure deal into a 6 and 7-figure deal... but only IF you understand how the development process works

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4 Point-by-Point Deep-Dive Case Studies
How We Played Real-Life Deals

Video Lesson 3 wraps up with 4 point-by-point, deep-dive case studies that demonstrate exactly how we played real-life deals… 

How much we got paid… and how long it was before the cash hit our account.

Case Study #1: How I turned less than $10k into $450k profit in under 2 months

  • The #1 business metric that determines when to hold a deal and when to exit immediately (HINT: You already understand this concept)
  • How we avoided a major problem by choosing our exit strategy correctly… by using my “1 Rule” for knowing when to exit and get paid
  • ​The non-financial reason we exited the deal… and the lesson that teaches you about understanding your buyer

Case Study #2: How I turned $20k into $300k (PROFIT) in 3 months 
  • What we discovered during our feasibility study that made me decide to exit and get paid so quickly… PLUS: a MASSIVE insight into how to turn a dud into a deal
  • What we knew about our buyer’s motivation that allowed us to create $300k in value... out of thin air (this is an extremely high leverage use of your time)
  • ​Why knowing your buyer is key to unlocking trapped equity in a piece of land… and the high-value intel you MUST gather if you want to collect that check

Case Study #3: $1.78M profit in 15 months with $185k in the project… (and I did almost NONE of the work!)
  • How I got my buyer to do all the work… AND happily hand me a $1.78M profit!
  • PAY ATTENTION: This deal reveals one of the most advanced exit strategies in the business… and how we got our buyer to pay for every step in the development process!
  • ​How we applied my “1 Rule” to make the tough choice to exit without doing any of the development work… even though we wanted to build this project!

Case Study #4: How we netted a $3.28M Profit in 15 months (with $325k invested)
  • The unique reason we exited this deal when we did (this is different than any of the other deals) and why we were able to get such a big payday on the deal… (Trust me. You want to know this.)
  • The truth about the kinds of opportunities available to someone just starting out in this business vs experienced pros… and some thoughts on how you can set realistic goals while you learn the ropes
  • ​The massive value that we created on this deal by understanding the development process… and how a little “luck” added to our gains! (Anyone can do this)

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The Land Wholesaler’s Roadmap 
FREE ‘How to’ Guide

Today I’m a full-fledged developer because of the capital I created through “wholesaling.”

Whether you want to become a developer, or just keep it simple by flipping great deals to developers, this guide is your roadmap to get into the game. In it, you’ll discover:

  • What are your exit strategies? 3 proven deal structures that build in 5, and 6-figure returns
  • ​What is “lot yield” and why is it so important if your goal is to create 6 and 7-figure earnings from a single raw land deal (pay attention--this is critical!)
  • How so much value is created for everyone in a deal that they cut you a 5-to-7 figure (PER DEAL) slice of the pie… with a smile on their face!

And a lot more besides that. But…

That’s not all because we’re also giving you 2 BONUS ebooks that build on the foundation laid by the Land Wholesaler’s Roadmap.

You’ll also receive the Raw Land Profit Calculator, which contains the exact formula for calculating the yield of a piece of property. 
Inside you’ll learn the “rule of thumb” developers use to calculate “buildable” ground on-the-fly (so you don’t overpay for land)... The ONE variable that is unique to each piece of land--and when you need to adjust your math to account for it (missing this can cost BIG money)...
And the developer’s “rounding rule” that could subtract 6-figures from a deal if you forget it (your high school math teacher would HATE this rule!).

In 7-Figure Raw Land Exit Strategies you’ll dive deep into how we structure 5-to-7-figure exits on raw land deals. This is where the magic happens.
You’ll learn why I have 1 Rule (and 1 rule ONLY) about when we wholesale (vs develop) a piece of land (so you know when to sell)... Your exit strategy options... the relationship between time and cash your payout… and how to balance your risk to reward ratio.
Plus, the 5 points in the development process where money changes hands… how much… who pays what… and how all of this impacts when and how much you get paid.

2021 May be the Greatest Opportunity for Land 
Wholesalers We’ll Ever Witness

Right now there is a housing shortage in America…

And we need an estimated 2.5 MILLION houses to meet that demand.

That means developers are rushing to find, develop, and build 2.5 million houses on raw land.

That means the opportunity has never been greater for land wholesalers (who know what they’re doing) to come in and capture 5… 6… and 7-figure paydays. 

The icing on the cake?

There is almost NO competition out there right now because NO ONE knows how to do this… and those who do aren’t talking.

No One Else is Teaching This

Schools don’t teach this. Colleges don’t teach this.

And you can scour the web, but you won’t find ANYTHING like what we’re teaching here.

The only raw land training out there is aimed at people who want to make a few hundred here and a few thousand there. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but...

We’re teaching how to create 5 to 7-figure capital events you can use to fund whatever dreams and aspirations you desire.

And that’s really what we’re talking about here.

The ability to break out of past constraints and finally achieve the income you need to live the life you desire and deserve.

Because while money isn’t everything… try living your dreams without it.

All that stands between you and your first land wholesale deal is the lack of specific knowledge.

And that obstacle is only a few keystrokes away from being wiped out… wipe it out now by entering your email address to register for the Land Wholesaler’s Academy:

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In the last 12 months I’ve collected more than one 7-figure check.

I don’t say that to brag, but to encourage you. Because 18 years ago I was a flooring subcontractor selling to home builders. 

I knew nothing about land wholesaling when I did my first deal.

This free training series teaches the things I wish I had known when I began, so that you don’t have to stumble and fumble your way like I did.

If my first deal netted just high 6-figures when I knew nothing, imagine what’s possible when someone is armed with the information in the Land Wholesaler’s Academy...

NOW: This is the first time we’ve done anything like this. And it may be the last.

Training begins on today and runs for the next 8 days. Once it is over, you’ll no longer be able to access this training  and if you missed it, it’ll be too late.

For now though, the training is free, but you must register now or risk missing out.

Learn how it’s possible to create 5-to-7-figure paydays flipping raw land to developers...

Without cash or credit risk… without waiting years to get paid... without owning or developing any land… AND without depending on “desperate sellers”...

In 5-10 hours a week working from anywhere you have a phone and internet connection...

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